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The goal of any virtual store is to achieve the maximum possible purchases. This week we give you some tips to increase the sales of your e-commerce.

We all like to see sales figures go up. Whether in a physical or online business, the figures are always prettier in green. However, increasing the sales of an e-commerce is not always easy. But luckily we offer you some tips to get it!

Pay attention to our experience. Who can be best for this than a digital marketing agency in Mataró like ours?

Keys to increase your e-commerce sales

Take care of your SEO

On any website, SEO (search engine optimization acronym) should be careful with special attention. Because if we don’t have a good positioning, they won’t find us. And if they don’t see us, they can’t buy us.

So work your content and technical features to improve your visibility. Have a website worked, without broken links or small bugs, since these types of problems will penalize you.

If you see it difficult, do not worry. You can always count on our services and see how your website gains visibility without stressing about the complexity of the Internet.

Optimize your page and images

In addition, it uses an agile system, with light images that do not lengthen the process of loading the pages. In this way users will navigate with more ease and placidity, and will be more time on your website. And being longer, you will get a double benefit: they will be more likely to buy a product and enhance your positioning.

In addition, a page that works with agility will attract more to the public that uses mobile phones. And as we will see later, this is the public that is growing the most. And therefore the one that interests us the most!

SERP functionalities

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. And these functionalities are some that are offered among the answers offered by the search engine. As are for example reviews or images.

These functionalities increase your visibility in the search engine and can favor someone entering your site and not that of a competitor. So it is advisable to take them into account and get the most out of them.

However, it is not that easy. The appearance or not of these functionalities depends on the type of search that is performed, and sometimes they are complicated to handle. So we recommend that, if you are not digital marketing professionals, you have the assistance of a specialized agency such as Cetrex Marketing.

Orient your website to mobile to increase the sales of your e-commerce

We are currently seeing a growing trend to navigate using the mobile. The computer is an extended work tool, but for our day to day we all use the mobile. So if your page is not properly adapted for these devices, you will lose customers. And more.

Use responsive systems that can adapt to any device. In this way, the user will always see your web page as it should be. Regardless of whether you use a computer, mobile or tablet to navigate.

Know your customer and boost the buying action

There are mainly two types of purchases: impulsive and planned. Knowing what type of purchase you try to enhance will facilitate your work, and will make you have better results.

A planned purchase is more rational. Therefore, the user will be more likely to do it the more information he has. So if you want this type of visitors to buy on your website, you will have to have everything widely explained.

On the other hand, impulsive purchases have a more emotional character. In this way, these types of buyers get carried away by the moment and the opportunity. So with certain messages of opportunity such as having a free delivery a few days, will enhance your purchase. Below, you can find a SEMRush list of the most popular emotional triggers.

At the same time, you can boost purchases by offering advantages as you are interested. For example, free shipping from a certain amount. In this way, you will be able to increase purchases that originally would have a smaller amount.

Take advantage of calendar opportunities

During the year there are many events that allow us to increase the sales of an e-commerce. From days of great consumption such as Christmas, sales or Black Friday, to more localized events or large appointments that enhance the business. Do not neglect any, and take any opportunity usually report benefits. So from Cetrex Marketing we recommend you prepare for the big dates and look for notability in those days.

Rate different options such as paid advertising to get visibility or including featured products on your website to boost purchases that will be more likely or that interest you most. These actions, combined with the sense of urgency and opportunity of the moment, will inform you of interesting data in your accounts for sure.

Improve your e-commerce sales with Cetrex

If you want to improve the sales of your virtual store but do not see yourself trained, you have a company specialized in this type of work such as Cetrex Marketing. Our digital marketing agency in Mataró will do everything necessary to achieve your goals.

So don’t think about it anymore. Call us!

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