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Trusting since 2008 in the best multidisciplinar team

After 13 years of experience in the world of digital marketing, we know that an agency is as good as the persons of the team that belongs it.

Cetrex internet marketing

We believe that the future belongs to people-centered organizations

Companies for which individuals are not targets, employees are not numbers, citizens are not data.

What would these consumers, employees, citizens tell corporations? Now you can listen to them.

Oriol Genisans
CEO & Full Stack Developer & Management Analyst

Carlos Villarín
Web Designer & UIX Specialist

Sara Ochoa
Key Account & Social Media Manager

Harman Álvarez
Key Account & Linkedin Sales Specialist

Albert Querol
Project & SEO Manager

Antoni Gil
Brand engineer & Marketing Strategy Manager

Anna Paloma
Key Account & Social Media Specialist

Aina Corretjé
SEO Sénior

Eros Montero
Key Account & Social Media Specialist

Laia Closa
Key Account & Social Media Specialist

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