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Black Friday in Mataró

There are only two weeks left for one of the days of the year that enhance purchases. Are you ready to make the most of Black Friday in Mataró?

This year, Black Friday falls on November 29. In such a way that Christmas will be just around the corner, and many people will follow the usual habit of taking advantage of the discounts that many shops offer for this day to buy Christmas gifts. So it will surely be a day of great consumption at state and world level. Are you going to miss this opportunity to increase your sales?

What is Black Friday?

This day is one of the many customs that we have imported from the United States. It is the beginning of the Christmas sales campaign in the American country, where purchases are enhanced with significant discounts. In this way, it is one of the days of greatest benefits for businesses. That is why many companies have taken this appointment to other places.

How to take advantage of Black Friday in Mataró?

To obtain great benefits, many shops join this celebration and reduce many items. But there are a number of issues that are important to consider to get a good performance. Here are some keys that you should not neglect.

Think your strategy properly

Having good planning is key to any business or commercial action. Therefore, it is important to think properly about our objectives in this campaign and how we want to reach them. And take into account which line to follow at the commercial level, but also at the communicative level.

For example, we must ask ourselves what items we want to lower and how much. Or even if we can opt for other types of discounts, such as free shipping from a certain amount. But we must also consider how we will make these offers available to our public and what digital marketing techniques we will apply.

For this it is important to develop an action plan with time. In fact, at this point, you are just in time for Black Friday this year!

Make sure you have the right infrastructure

The promotions of this day can generate a sales peak difficult to manage. And a bad experience as a buyer due to lack of company resources generates a bad impression that is hardly reversible. Therefore, we must take care that we are prepared to respond to our buyers in addition to economic benefits also take a good picture of our action.

And not only at the level of sales and product infrastructure. Also on a digital level. Since if you have an e-commerce, you will have to be agile and able to withstand heavy traffic. There is nothing worse than a virtual store dropped during part of this day!

Customize and loyalty

It is always advisable to maximize our sales campaigns on the Internet. Users prefer more products that are adapted to their tastes and needs. In addition to having better impressions of companies that take into account their tastes and impressions than those that simply send offers in bulk.

So adapt your offer to your different audiences. And don’t make the mistake of thinking only of new customers! Also take the opportunity to retain those who already know you, even using a specific promotion for them.

Achieve a great impact with your offers

A good offer does not work by itself. It is also necessary for your target to see it. So you must have a good digital marketing strategy.

Depending on your type of product and target audience, you must choose which channels to use to reach them. Although generally, social media and your website will be a good showcase. Do not neglect them during these days!

But to achieve optimal performance, it will be important to take care of every detail. In addition, it has different tools for different functions. For example, you can carry out an email marketing campaign to reach your regular customers in a more personalized way, according to their previous tastes and consumption.

One way to get a good impact is to extend the promotion beyond the specific day, or even get ahead of Black Friday. The fact of advancing the date and offering your promotions from before also offers you an advantage over your competitors: if you do it well you will be able to increase your page traffic and improve your SEO positioning, so that when the big day arrives, you will be ahead from them. And in the end, users generally buy who they see first.

Get the best performance for this Black Friday in Mataró

Getting a great benefit from designated dates such as Black Friday or Christmas and sales campaigns is complicated. Therefore, a solution to many of your problems may be to have the support of professional services outside your business.

In this sense, at Cetrex Marketing we offer you the knowledge of a digital marketing agency in Mataró with more than 11 years of experience. So we have a lot to contribute to your company if you need help, either in a technical way or by managing your strategy and communication.

So call us if you want to maximize your opportunities!

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