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marketing digital en 2020
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Digital marketing in 2020 continues renewing. So this week we bring you the main trends that are presented for this year that just starts.

Keeping up with the changes in Google’s algorithm is vital, since SEO depends on it. If you fall behind, your business will stop being so colorful in the main search engine. So, to avoid decay, nothing better than knowing the trends in digital marketing.

The key digital marketing trends in 2020

The start of the year brings new challenges and changes that you should know. Trends come and go, but in the digital world, changing a trend can lead to monetary losses. Maybe placing keywords in titles today is important, but tomorrow the algorithms may not be interested in them. In the face of these changes, it is worth knowing what is coming:

The user experience as something central: attracting customers is one of the main objectives of digital marketing, and their experience is increasingly important. The usability of the page should be polished to the maximum so that the visit is attractive, entertaining and, above all, simple. Not abusing ads and not invading user privacy are keys to this year.

Videos and podcast: audiovisual content is back in fashion. A good podcast is the support that every business needs, since it allows you to transmit the necessary doses of information comfortably. Of course, the content provided by both these and videos should be interesting beyond marketing, or else the client will not pay attention.

A personalized service: attracting the customer is not everything. You also have to build loyalty. Thus, if you give a personalized service based on your preferences to the user, you will be able to trust your brand. That kind of direct contact underpins your relationship.

Image recognition: this technology allows to locate elements in the Internet through images. Thus, when we see an object that we want, we will only have to photograph it to find in the network the establishments that commercialize it. It is convenient that we investigate the possibilities of this powerful tool in our business, as it will be a fundamental trend in 2020.

How to mantain your company updated

Recycling is very necessary to maintain the presence of an online brand. You should stay tuned for updates to the Google search engine, the algorithms it uses and the main references in the sector. Digital marketing depends largely on trial and error, since the American company does not reveal its secrets.

Keeping abreast of current trends and selecting those that work is essential to stay on the front lines. In addition, the continuous improvement of the marketing plan should periodically include the reviews of developments in digital marketing. Informing yourself is essential before drawing a line of action.

Thus, digital marketing in 2020 will remain as demanding as in the previous year. Or even more. That’s why you shouldn’t let your guard down at any time. You also have to pay attention to what the experts say and follow those trends that are giving good results. Learning from mistakes is vital to keep afloat in this sector.

Get the most out of digital marketing

Keeping up is difficult. Especially when you are not a digital marketing professional. And you will surely have other concerns that you can take better care of. So the best way to take advantage of the tools offered by digital marketing is to have a professional such as Cetrex Marketing.

Cetrex Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Mataró, specialists in realizing your business objectives. Therefore, if you want to catch up in the field of online communication and social media, you know. Call us!

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