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Corporative Website 

Corporate website of your brand is your cover letter. Therefore, it has to be perfectly adapted to your brand. Make your brand known as it is, as you created it.

A corporate website is not just any website. It has special needs, which websites with other purposes do not have. And the quality and usability has to be infinitely better. In addition to having a maximum SEO optimization. Likewise, this content must be dynamic.

The basic information of a corporate website is based on the brand. What it does, who forms it, where it is located. The mission and vision. Its history, its philosophy, principles and values. And, very important, a contact, so that the user can contact your brand, without any problem. The latter is very important, since brands must serve their users and customers. Also, it is advisable to put in this section, the links to the brand’s social networks, to create engagement.

Nor should we forget the “footer“, as an essential part of the corporate website. And is that, is responsible for highlighting, everything that has gone unnoticed on the web.

This information that a corporative website contains, although you may thinks it’s too basic, it isn’t. Is really important to have a good content for your brand.

As we have already mentioned, it is the letter of introduction of your brand, facing the public. The first impression that they will take from her, and be sure that the user will draw many conclusions, more than you think, even if they have only been 4 seconds in it. For this reason, it is so important that your brand’s corporate website be impeccable.

That’s it, it makes interaction with the user much easier and more effective. Making available to the user, all brand information, on a regular and updated basis, of the products and / or services offered. In addition to providing feedback between the brand and you.

Algo importante a tener en cuenta es que el diseño de la web corporativa sea responsive. Y es que, hoy en día, que la mayoría de los usuarios que acceden a las webs corporativas, lo hacen a través de dispositivos móviles o tablets, no puedes no adaptar la web de tu marca a estos dispositivos… Mandarías el mensaje equivocado.

Something important to keep in mind is that the design of the corporate website be responsive. And, today, that most users who access corporate websites, do it through mobile devices or tablets, you can not adapt the website of your brand to these devices… You would send the wrong message.

In Cetrex Marketing, we know how to do it.

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