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Get your audience with the best efficient way:
Communication Plan

A completely customized and effective communication plan to reach your goals.

A communication plan is essential for any brand, regardless of size. Why? Without a communication plan, your goals and strategies would not be effective. By reaching your target, getting followers on social networks or increasing the sales of your e-commerce, they become very difficult goals to reach, without a good communication plan.

The communication plan is a document that creates the strategy, the message and the audience to which it is addressed.

However, the communication is not limited solely to publications once a month on social networks, simply, to have an online presence to your client or gain a position. No. The communication is not limited to one direction. And it is not limited to a function.

Starting with internal communication that goes directly to your business team. Making the work environment improve, which automatically reflects your brand. Good internal communication translates into a good reputation as a brand, online and offline ……

Also external communication, which in the same way as the internal, is equally important. With it we present your product and / or service. It is the most direct sales channel.

Corporate communication is about transmitting the values and principles of the brand, conceptually and visual. To your team and to your audience. Obtaining your brand is, increasingly, better known.

CSR communication, many times forgotten by brands, although it is very important. Especially for the reputation of your brand. It is a communication that seeks to promote the impact of your brand on society.

La comunicació en situacions de Crisis, aquesta, cada cop més important i essencial per a una marca. I és que, en el món digital és molt fàcil provocar una crisi comunicativa, però també solucionar-la, almenys, amb un bon pla de comunicació en situacions de crisi.

Communication in situations of Crisis, this, increasingly important and essential for a brand. And it is very easy in the digital world to cause a communicative crisis, but also it’s very easy to solve it too with a good communication plan in situations of crisis.

Therefore, a good communication plan must always contemplate all these communication purposes. We are sure, that just right now, does not seems as simple to create a  good communication plan as you thought.

A good communication plan should always contemplate all these communication purposes. We are confident, that at this time, creating a good communication plan, it does not look as simple as you thought.

In the communication plan, we need to answer different questions, crucial, for our brand.


  • What do you want to say it to the world
  • Which is your world  ?
  • Who is important for you ?
  • Who is important for the world ?
  • What is the short-term goal ?
  • What is the long-term goal ?
  • When do you want to reach your goals?

If you want to be a relevant brand and, moreover, with a good reputation, do not neglect your communication plan. Because it is the key to achieving this.

At Cetrex Marketing, we know how to do it.

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