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We make sure everything is in order:
LOPD Adaptation

Technical coverage and advisory service on how to adapt your digital content to current LOPD regulations.

The LOPD is the law on the protection of personal data “Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data that aims to ensure and protect, in comparison with the processing of personal data, public freedoms and the essential rights of natural persons, and especially their personal and family honor and privacy. ”

The protection of data is judicially considered by the Constitutional Court, as an essential autonomous right, but also independent of the right of personal and family privacy.

Why is it so important to keep up to date with this? Because it is mandatory by law.


The main objective of the legal discipline of data protection is to ensure that personal data is safe from the collection and indiscriminate use thereof.

It is understood by personal data, in broad strokes, all those data that are an integral part of the user’s private sphere, and that can be used to assess certain aspects of our personality, such as habits, relationships, opinions, religion …

Specifying a little more, personal data are data that offer numerical, alphabetical, photographic, acoustic or any other information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons. From name, surname, address, affiliation, photos, videos to studies, work, diseases. Related data to a legal person (domicile, company name, CIF, etc.) are not considered personal data, therefore, Data Protection Regulation will not apply.

Uno de los principios de la ley de la LOPD es que los datos personales sólo se van a poder recoger para su tratamiento, exclusivamente, cuando sean convenientes, pertinentes y no excesivos con relación al campo y las finalidades determinadas. Además, requiere el permiso explícito del perjudicado.

One of the principles of LOPD law is that personal data will only be able to be collected for processing, exclusively, when they are convenient, relevant and not excessive in relation to the field and the determined purposes. In addition, it requires the explicit permission of the injured party.

As a note, it is known that people who intervenes in any phase of the processing of personal data, have the obligation to maintain professional secrecy.

It is highly recommended that your brand website comply with this law, and in case you are saying no, your brand does not need it … you are wrong. Failure to comply with the LOPD entails sanctions, which are currently very high. For example, a “slight” violation on your website may cost your brand about 60,000 €. In case it is mild. If on the contrary the infraction that you have carried out is serious, this sanction can amount up to  600,000 €.

So do not neglect the LOPD on your brand’s website. Complying with it and modifying it when necessary, to always be up to date, is not as easy as it sounds.

A brand involves too many tasks to also have to handle a process as complex as this.

At Cetrex Marketing, we know how to do marca conlleva demasiadas tareas como para, también, tener que encargarte de un trámite tan complejo como este.

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