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Native apps, new digital channels to make life easier for your customers. Current and functional design.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find someone without a mobile in hand. Every time, there are more people who use the mobile for their daily habits. This means that, if your brand is adequate, the app becomes an indispensable channel of communication with your user.
In addition, with the app you will further expand your audience and you will reach them better.

If your company doesn’t invest in programming and design of mobile applications within its online brand strategy, you will be losing opportunities with the user. Both the loyal user and the target audience you want to reach.

Like everything in the digital world, the visual design and contents of the app are very important. Both have to be appropriate for your audience. In order to loyalty to your users and get the feedback that your brand needs.

There are different types of apps:

  • Native: created for a specific mobile / tablet operating system. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Specific personalized program and execution of code.
  • Web: they are installed in the web browser, often as a plugin. The advantage of these web apps, compared to native apps, is that you can use them on any device. They are based on programming HTML, JavaScript and CSS. They do not need installation for them to run.
  • Hybrid: Mix between native app and web app. Hybrid apps collect the best of each. They can be used on different platforms.

Before making the decision to make an app for your brand, and what type of app you want to make, it is necessary to perform a small analysis. Answer questions like, what do you want to convey with your brand’s app, who do you want to reach and what are the objectives of this app.

Once the previous analysis is done, we can choose which operating system will work best with your brand.

Once these decisions have been made, the design, operation and execution of the appmust be carefully planned:

Planning means taking into account each individual screen and understanding how all parts of the application interact with each other. To be able to add and distribute the buttons and various options in an appropriate way. And the app must be functional, intuitive and simple for the user.

Designing means that once the functionality and simplicity of your app is programmed and defined, the design arrives. This has to be totally consistent with your brand and your principles and values. In addition to being simple, but striking at the same time.

It is very important to have a good graphic designer for your app, and luckily at Cetrex we have the best.

In Cetrex Marketing we know how to do it.

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