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A good name,
make a difference: Naming

Naming is part of the key to your brand’s success. Giving your company a name is not easy or fast. It involves some strategic analysis work behind. Although it is not just strategy and analysis that precedes it, you must also put into practice the empathy and knowledge that our specialized Naming team will have for your brand. This is a very important factor, which will make the name of your brand, not away from the principles of your values.

Naming becomes the soul and heart of your brand, also responsible for the positioning of your brand in your target. Wake up feelings towards the brand. It will make them remember her, (or forget her forever, if you don’t do it right). The important thing is that it matches the values and principles of your brand. Forever..

Finding a naming that is right for you, in every way, is a complex task, or at least, more than it seems to the naked eye.

You can choose between different types of Naming in your company, although always being consistent with your brand, with your strategy, principles and values:

  • Descriptive: It is usually literal. Describe exactly what “is.”
  • Neologism: It is used when you have any existing, previous reference to your brand.
  • Abstract: When you start from scratch, and create something new. The naming is not related to anything previous itself.
  • Suggestive: That is, you directly name the benefit that your brand offers..
  • Evocative: It starts from a known and even generic base, transforming and / or merging it with another, thus giving rise to naming.
  • Associative: Conceptually you associate it with something related to your brand..
  • Personification: They come from some myth or legend, which gives the brand even more personality. In addition to giving you the opportunity to start from a certain reputation, therefore.
  • Geographical: Referring to the area where the brand was born, or where it wants to go.

Deciding which type of naming is the most appropriate and consistent for your brand is not an easy task. There is a whole work of analysis and strategy behind. Which, is key to get the one you choose, not only a good one, but the perfect naming for you and your brand.


A good naming has to have certain characteristics:

  • Brief and concise: a word or two is correct, but more, it can harm your brand, when it comes to being remembered and positioned in the target..
  • Understandable: that is understood, it is important. If the user listens to the naming and does not understand it, or if he tries to read it, and cannot, you will continue to harm your brand. Customer loyalty will be made even more uphill.
  • Easy to remember: a catchy, brief and concise naming will make you position yourself in the minds of your target audience. Otherwise, even if your product or service is excellent, you will not be able to achieve it with the same effectiveness.
  • Creative and meaningful: convey the personality and values ​​of the brand.

And besides, it doesn’t exist.

Your brand deserves a good naming. We help you.

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